The Quest Alliance  is a Consulting and Training Services company focusing on a broad spectrum of improvement topics in the Quality Sciences. This site provides details concerning the company, our perspective, skills, capabilities, experience, offerings, and more.

A Quest  is "a heroic journey in search of something of great value or importance."  At The Quest Alliance we facilitate our client's Quest for Business Excellence. We accomplish this by providing our clients with a wide variety of tools, methods and systems for

  • solving difficult business problems
  • enhancing profitability
  • increasing customer satisfaction

Our expertise is in the application of Business Improvement Systems and Strategies (BISS) which help our clients to address the conditions listed above. We employ a wide variety of advanced tools, which fall into the categories of research methodology, experimental design and statistical analysis, which help our clients to bring about a resolution of the complex problems facing all companies. These problems are found in all departments within an organization, to include manufacturing and production, product and process design and development, sales, marketing, customer service (customer satisfaction), human resources and other administrative areas.

In addition to providing consulting services in these areas, we also provide training in all of the areas related to solving and preventing problems from recurring. This includes courses for Six Sigma Black Belts, Master Black Belts and Champions as well as Experimental Design, Research Methodology, and statistical applications such as Statistical Process Control, Measurement Systems Analysis, and so on.
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